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welp done with my essay’s second draft





k but imagine simmons developing this super protective bond with his new squad like at first he’s like “uhhhh,..gIRLS???” but by the end of the season, if tucker tries to hit on any of them simmons is just like “you back right the fuck off dude dont be corrupting my girls”. or “whats that? locus fired a gun somewhere in your vicinity? that dude is fuckin toast”

instead of needing a father figure

he has become the father figure

#YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES#rvb#what if the whole season is gonna be the reds and blues becoming what they themselves have always needed#Simmons becomes the father figure#Grif becomes responsible#Tucker becomes the leader#Caboose becomes…#idk…#what has caboose always needed?

Caboose will become someones friend.

YES YES YES like idk one of Caboose’s squad members is the “Caboose” of the group and Caboose becomes his only friend perfect

Things to draw:

fuck me, it’s that time of night again

gettin weepy over RTAH



i surprisingly didn’t see anyone repping the fandom @ skl which seemed kind of weird bc i’ve in passing met quite a few rtah fans??? ah well

❝I’m just gonna bullshit it.❞
- my life motto for the past 20 years (via beyleesis)

it’s begun

i’m falling in love with The Adventures of Captain Tightpants and his Space Cowboys

i swear i’d have the greatest cooking show ever

it’d start out real nice and sweet and informative like okay guys!! now this is a triple layer chocolate espresso cake and here’s how we’re gonna do it!!!

until something in the kitchen offended me - i burnt my hand, it’s not cooperating, i dropped a knife - then i’d just go in to disciplinary bitch mode

*glaring at the soup* no - no - don’t you fucking bubble at me - did you just fucking bubble at me? I don’t think so - *reaches for the pot but it splatters on me* you fUCKER that’s it - you’re fuckin stayin there for eight more minutes, bitch! No, don’t you try to make nice - you’ve got eight minutes on the clock! ‘SWhat you fuckin deserve, asshole — Now over here folks is the garlic bread we’ll be making!! uvu


Gettin real tired, Valoo. 

Alright, when I wake up tomorrow spring break is over *heavy sigh*

so I plan to play as many video games as I can before I fall asleep |D